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Dialysis Service | Toronto

Reliable transportation is important for patients on dialysis to get to and from appointments at their treatment centre.

At Wheelchair Taxi Ontario Ltd., we make medical transportation as easy as possible! We operate across Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area.

Improving Transportation for Patients on Dialysis

Chronic kidney disease affects many Canadians, a large number of whom require treatment at a dialysis centre up to 3 times a week. Many dialysis patients depend on public transportation to get to and from appointments.

Public transportation has many limitations, including walking to and from bus or train stops, adhering to schedules and waiting for buses, sometimes in bad weather. This is not always appropriate for seniors, especially those with reduced mobility. We can help!

We believe reliable transport is a fundamental part of dialysis care


Dialysis Service Toronto

We can help with your dialysis transportation needs!

More About What We Do

Finding reliable round trip transportation for dialysis care is a constant concern for patients. With our team in your corner, say goodbye to relying on family and friends, or public transportation, to get the treatment you need.

Count on us to pick you up and efficiently transport you to your dialysis destination! Since 2001, our mission has been to help dialysis patients hold on to their independence and freedom of mobility.

Count on us for personalized transportation services that are tailored to your needs


Dialysis Service Toronto

Why choose our services?

Safe and reliable transportation solutions
Friendly and compassionate team
Extensive fleet of wheelchair accessible taxis
In business since 2001

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