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Hospital Transportation | Toronto

In many parts of Mississauga and Toronto, transportation access is a major barrier to ongoing healthcare, especially for those with chronic diseases.

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Transportation Barriers to Healthcare Access

For seniors and people with reduced mobility, transportation access can be a significant barrier to getting treatment, leading to rescheduled appointments, delayed care and missed medication use. Wheelchair Taxi Ontario Ltd. operates a hospital transportation service across Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area.

Contact us to schedule a ride to or from a hospital appointment! Our drivers are friendly and fully trained in passenger transport. Count on us to provide personalized door-to-door services and, upon request, wait at the destination ready for your return journey.

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Hospital Transportation Toronto

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Physical conditions associated with aging, including a decline in vision and restricted physical mobility, can make driving unsafe. At Wheelchair Taxi Ontario Ltd., we can help you hold on to your independence and sense of security.

Public transportation presents many challenges for seniors and people with reduced mobility, including walking to and from the bus or train stops, adhering to schedules and climbing or descending flights of stairs. Our vehicles are wheelchair accessible!

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Hospital Transportation Toronto

We serve:

People with disabilities
People with chronic diseases
Patients on dialysis

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